Helpful tip: for colander usage...

kids+baths=oodles of toys

Nobody ever wants to clean up those toys and if you have ever stepped on one because you were too lazy short on time, you know exactly how much they can hurt.
Not like I would have ever done anything like that, nope not me.
Silly toys.

I thought I would pass along this wonderful helpful tip that I used when the boys were younger to keep their bath toys dry, all together and ready for the next time.

Instead of just letting those toys sit at the bottom of the tub once your child is done, use a colander.
Yes, that is correct an ordinary handy-dandy kitchen colander.
Have them place their toys in the colander, leave it in your tub to dry and then remove if necessary.
All the toys are kept together, the excess water will drain in tub (not on the floor) and your child will have fun collecting all the toys to be picked up.

Simple, easy and saves a whole bunch of time.

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