Please Welcome Henry....

Henry is my little hamster over there ---> in my side bar.
Please feed and play with him while you are here, he really is friendly. :)

So, with the addition of Henry to my blog I thought why not throw in a quiz.
*scratches head*
When was the last time I posted one?!
Quite some time ago apparently.
Find out what animal you are most like, it is a quick and simple quiz.
My results do fit me quite well; perhaps that is why we have two doggies in the house.
Please share your results with me.

Take the Animal Quiz.

what animal are you most like?
Your Result: dog

you are always so loyal to your friends that maybe when you do not want to see them most they always want to see you. you are the happiest and usually the most joyfull in the room you are the one who always comes in with a smile and it's always easy for others to tell when something is not right.

what animal are you most like?
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Anonymous said...

Cackling- I'm a cat. What a surprise! After that, a snake. I see you'd be a fish? What a funny quiz!

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