Double the Fun...

No not really.

Before we left the boys and I were swimming daily, great way to beat the heat. *kwim*
So, the last day we swam I had some water enter in one of my ears and I thought I got it out.
Guess again.
While away I had a few days with severe ear pain and some really knock 'em down bad sinus headaches (when the pressure changed) and add in some dizzy spells when I moved my head certain ways.
Not a good sign.
Flash forward to being home and getting into the Dr's today to find out that I have an infection in each ear.
Oh.Lucky me.
I'm on some heavy amoxicillin for the next 10 days (thank you) and hopefully I will be able to keep these silly infections away for a bit.

I will now make sure to use those ear plug when I swim, no more ear infections for me I've had enough this year.

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