A Sunday Stroll Around Town...

This past Sunday we wanted to get out and about for a bit. We opted to stay close to home; we headed to Falls Park, had wings out and walked around town.
Yes, it was cold but it was a great family fun day. :D
Nate loved the fact that that the tree in the middle of the falls is frozen in the first picture.

Mmm.. wings..

With the cold temperatures the fountain outside The Westin Hotel was frozen and beautiful.

This crest is tucked up in a corner on the front of the hotel.

A clock is located across the street, it does work and I love it.

There is just something special about this building for me. I am not sure exactly what the draw is but it always draws my attention.

Bib (aka Michelin Man) is peeking out from behind a Palmetto Tree (state tree) on the doors at Michelin on Main.
I bought a fun item that I hope to pull off making correctly and will share with you all at some point. I would love to get one of these clings for my mom mobile.

I adore this photo.

I know they say ducks are warm in the water but I would not want to be in it on such a cold day.

Wicked posters are all over town.

Just a little slice of what I saw while walking around, enjoying our family time and snapping pictures.

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