Appomattox, Va - Trip

I feel like I have been holding out on you.

You see back in November we took off for a weekend to go "camping" in Virginia.
( It was spending two days in a one room cabin w/ a family of 4 and two dogs. Oui!)

This is why you might recall this post about Foamhenge and the mention about camping.

We actually met my in-laws half way for both of us right outside of Roanoke, VA.

So, I began to research where Appomattox was in relation to where we would be staying and it was about 1 hr 30 away. That meant it was a perfect day trip!

We could tie this in with Spencer's study of the Civil War, this year he was learning much more than he did last year.

I have to say that Appomattox Historical Park is just like stepping back in time. All has been left as it was that very day in April 9, 1865.

The Court House and McLean House were both rebuilt to proper specifications. The surrender that was signed that day was actually signed in the McLean House. (I never knew that.) We joined a group that had formed and waited for a speaker. This speaker was dressed in period clothing and took us over to the tavern. There he told us how "his" life was during that time period, where he fought and how it affected his family from this town. It was quite interesting and held everyone's attention.

I would like to go back and see it all over again. It is quite amazing and well worth the trip.

Court house from front and side.

Grocery store

inside the general store

Tavern House

Printing presses used to create the paroles for the Confederate Soldiers that were set up in the tavern.

The jail as seen from the front porch of the tavern.

The McLean House.
The small white building is the ice house.

The McLean House - a beautiful 3 story house.

This is a replica table of the one that Gen. Robert E. Lee used to sign the surrender documents.

This is a replica table that General Ulysses S. Grant used to sign the surrender documents.
The original tables were broken apart and taken as souvenirs by those who attended.

Rocking chairs in the McLean House.
In the downstairs kitchen in the McLean House.

A lone grave in a large field in the park. Quite moving.

original stable

I snapped so many pictures that day it was hard to select just a few to share.
Appomattox Court House National Park<--- Check it out!!

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