One of those days...

It was one of those days that I wished I could have just gone back to bed and throw the covers over my head.

Yeah, it was that good.

School this school semester with the kiddos is testing all of our abilities. *groan*

The boys normally had a bit of a bumpy start (when they were in a B&M school) after Christmas break this year we are doing the online schooling and it is a really bumpy start back.


It is more the material that they are learning and getting them to understand.

Spencer has Geometry (Gifted Math) *shudder*
Not my cuppa tea.

Then we have Science = weather, clouds (types/how formed & where), trade winds, polar winds, how hail/snow/rain/sleet forms, types of breezes (how they form & how they blow), air pressure, humidity and so it goes .
Yesh.. I had this in 9th grade, he's only in 5th.

Nate is doing planets along with figuring out how far apart they are, and all sorts of other in depth questions about these distances.
His Pre-Algebra is making his head spin (mine too when he tires to explain his method to find the answers) and pushes me to the brink on how to help him understand.

Today was well.... simply a day I can't wait to put behind us and move forward.

*crosses fingers*

Hope that the rest of the year goes smoother than what we are experiencing right now; otherwise I'm not sure where you will find me.

Linda said...

I would be great in helping with science but math would do me in. Good luck!

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