Never as Planned....

Ah, Sunday.

Finally a day to relax and unwind after all the holiday hub and but, no real plans for once.

Then it happened..

our kitchen faucet decided to check out.

Really, it had to pick today.

This required two trips to our local big box hardware store, a hack saw, wrenches, and a screw driver.

Nothing is ever easy in this house when it decided to go, nothing.

How about the laundry room issue.

Kitchen issue

Dining Room issue that took a few *cough*years*cough*

These are just a few, there have been many more fun filled DIY times. *sigh*

This time the old copper tubes that went into the faucet must have leaked at one point and then the corroded together along with taking a metal washer. (This was the need for the hacksaw.)

Not to mention we could not fully turn off the hot water valve under the sink, so about every fifteen minutes we were emptying out a stock pot full of water.
Yeah, it just added to the fun we were already having.

The nice 60 minute replacement time that was stated in directions ended up being oh...2.5 hrs.

As I look on the bright side we were able to fix it and I have a new faucet.


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