Oh So Pretty Purple....

I know the past year or so the big hit in nail polish has been black.

Now, I can remember black being the thing for those who were into the punk scene in high school (just admired it on my friends) and I thought that was so cool.

Anywho, Santa left me No Shrinking Violet by Revlon in my stocking this year.

I want to say, THANK YOU, SANTA!!


I absolutely love this polish.

I'm not a purple fan but this polish has changed that for me.

What can I say?!

Matte finish, lasts for well over a week, looks dark until the light hits it then you notice the purple and is just so cool.

I found that they have a color called Devilish and this might be the next color to find it's way into my polish collection.

Yeah, I'm really loving this color.


Unknown said...

I am loving purple this year too! Nice choice!

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