Sewing Machine....

No, your eyes are not deceiving you that really is a sewing machine.
I finally pulled her out today to hem a pair of pj bottoms for Spencer and fix my long sleeved t-shirt. (only been oh...four months for the bottoms)
I really don't use the machine as much as I should.
It is mostly used to hem pants up or fix our shirts, seems like a terrible waste.
I have made curtains in the past - nothing fancy just some tab topped and simple curtains.
I'm thinking of whipping up an apron of some sort for myself; I like aprons but *pout* do not own one.
Along that train of thought I may tackle some cloth scarves for our bedroom windows. I just can't seem to find what I want and the windows are smaller than average... so, I dunno.
It was fun today hearing the zipping of the needle as I fixed the items up.
Perhaps this was the bump I needed to get back on track trying my hand again at sewing.
Then again, in my head I can make everything but in reality it is something really different.
Any words of hope or wisdom for me?!

Oh.. and I am really helpless with using a pattern. I normally end up cutting the material freehand and then stitch it together. Must admit that patterns frustrate me to pieces.

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