More Beer Soap...

This batch I whipped up over the weekend before I left to head out of town.
It would not have been a soaping experience if there was not a bit of commotion in the background.
I had to make a quick S.O.S. call to a dear friend and fellow soaper to help me out of the corner I backed myself into. *rolls eyes*
I shall spare you the details. lol...
The batch did turn out fantastic and smells so good.
I used Yuengling Lager, a pinch of raw silk and Burberry London Type fo (it smells soo good- dh uses this eau de toillete *sigh*).
All I need to do now is clean up the edges and let it cure.
Can you tell I like making soap with beer?!

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Anonymous said...

I have full faith in you! LOL Knew it would be great soap. Course, doesn't hurt that I've used it!!

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