Martin Guitar - Museum Tour...

Sitting here today going over my past posts I noticed that I never put up the photos of our visit to Martin Guitar in Nazareth, PA.

Having lived in the area for many years, knowing about the factory it took us going back with the boys to get in for a visit.

Nazareth, Pa is such a quaint town and it is home to Martin Guitar, Mario Andretti and Calandra's Cheese.
mm... cheese.. alright before I go off task let's get back to the guitars.
We opted in July to take the boys on a tour of the factory.

The tour is free and yes, you go straight into the factory where they are creating all those beautiful guitars.

We had about a thirty minute wait before our tour started so we walked around the museum located right there on the property. You can even go a few streets away and see the original building where it all started.

It is really impressive to see how the guitars are all created by hand, the time, dedication and love that goes into them.

I have decided to break down the trip into two posts.
These are just a few of the the pictures from the museum and honestly, my pictures do not do the guitars their justice.

I love Felix the Cat and was tickled pink when I saw these guitars.

Some of the famous who use/used Martin Guitars.

I will do my best to get the factory portion of the tour up tomorrow.

Unknown said...

Sandy the Hubster really enjoyed your tour, he owns many guitars.

Sandy said...

Glad to hear that he enjoyed the tour. :) I am working on getting the other photos ready.

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