What a week it has been.
I have been going, going, going and going nonstop with little time to get anything else done.
I've been missing my blogging and no, I'm not holding out on you.
I have quite a bit of stuff to share but the time just has not been on my side to sit down and write. *grumble*
To say the least I am fried and looking forward to the weekend to chill a bit and get some serious blog time in.
So how fried am I?!
Dh and I took Spencer to soccer practice tonight, nothing overly special about that.
Spencer hopped out of the mom mobile and headed to the fields while dh and I parked the car.
Dh got out and started to walk around the front of mom mobile while I pulling the keys out of the ignition.
Once I had the keys out, I grabbed the key fob and hit the lock button.
I thought I was being so smart by locking the car since everyone was out.
You see however, I was still sitting inside!
Um... yeah, I'm ready for the weekend.

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