Heart Hopefulness.....

This is my favorite mug.
I reach for it whenever I make myself a cup of tea in the morning.
The heart shape today made me hopeful.
You see for the past4 8 hours my life has been upside down and my heart breaking.
I received a phone call on Tuesday from my mom that my dad was admitted to CCU.
He was having some tightness in his chest-turns out that he had some major blockages.
This meant he needed a double bypass and as it turned out a new valve this was done today.
My dad has always been so healthy only a cold here and there.
It was hard to wrap my head around all that is/was swirling about.
I spoke with my dad every night to let him know I was thinking of him and to keep his spirits up.
I will be speaking to him daily once he is feeling better and up to handling the phone.
My mug was my hope today that all would work out.
The surgery was a success and I still have my dad.
Remember to give the ones you love an extra hug.

Unknown said...

Sandy and I am so sorry for this news and also pleased it went well. My prayers are with you and your dad.

Sandy said...

Thank you very much Sarah.

Anonymous said...

Sandy, I am thinking about you and praying that your dad will get well soon. If there is anything I can for you please let me know...

Love and Prayers


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