A touch of cleaning & a great find....

The weather was beautiful today that it gave dh and I a touch of spring cleaning.
We opted to tackle the garage.
Scary, I know and we did survive.
One large lawn and leaf bag stuffed with leaves and a few broken items.
This is the best find out of the whole cleaning experience.

My sliver and gold monogrammed charm!!
*does happy dance&
You might recall that I finally fixed it last spring and then I wrote how I lost it.
Apparently, it fell out of a blanket we had placed on our freezer when we got back home.
(We take the dogs beds and blankets when we go away but they sit in the car. Family members tend to drive us around when we visit.)
Anywho, it was by the side of the freezer and I never noticed it due to the *cough* tiny pile of packing peanuts*cough* sitting on top of it.
I was sweeping them (peanuts) out when I noticed the silver sticking out.
I am thrilled beyond words to have it back.
You never know what you might find when cleaning out the garage.

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