This is normally not a word in my vocabulary that is until now.

I am one who gets the project done way before it is due - silly type A personality.

Anywho -I told Spencer I would see about getting his room painted while he was away visiting his grandparents.

5 weeks, plenty of time to get the room painted and loads of other stuff done.



There were doctor appointments, lunch dates with DH, hair appointments and well Farmtown was calling my name.

Now, three day before I am to leave to get them I am frantically trying to get his room painted.

Late last week I went on the search for the perfect Navy blue (he has requested a Penn State theme) easy I thought but not so. The first few blues were nothing near what I was looking for (too dark or a bit too light - kinda like a Goldilocks moment), should have known to do a simple search for Penn State colors. Glidden has been my saving grace it really is the proper color. (Thank you, Glidden!!)

Now, I have to prime the walls gray because the color is so dark and I need to cover up his Army green walls. The primer is taking a bit longer to dry due to the humidity here.

So...tomorrow I shall tackle finishing the prime paint then *crosses fingers* painting the blue which would leave the white for the time. That is the game plan and with some luck it should pan out.

Gah! Then to put the room back together so he has some place to sleep when he gets home.

I am really kicking myself about waiting so long to get this project done.

Fingers are crossed that I will get it done!

Word of advice - Don't procrastinate!

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