PaperBack Swap

I finally gave in a few months ago after reading about this site and decided to try Paperback Swap.com.

There are plenty of books around the house that I have read or have been given and thought why not give it a try.

So, what is the deal you might ask?


You post books that you have and are willing to part with, someone else requests the book, you ship the book (pay for shipping - average I pay is $3 because I use the delivery confirmation option) and then you get a credit to use to request and item you would like. You will not pay to have a book shipped to you only to ship it to the person requesting the item.

I like to read Chick Lit *shhh* and I am sad to say our library does not have a wide selection *sniffle* and it would be pretty $$ to keep buying new books.

You can make requests that the books are from a smoke free or pet free home. The books need to be in good condition and you have to mail the items out in a desired amount of time.

I have found a few new authors to read and really enjoying using this website.

Check it out: Paperback Swap and enjoy a good read!

Oh! They also have Audio books, CD's and DVD's.

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