Charleston, SC...

With the boys away we decided to take off for the day for Charleston, SC a few weeks back.

It really is not a day trip but we wanted to go to the beach and I have always wanted to see Rainbow Row on The Battery. It is a 3 hr trip one way, you might ask why didn't we stay the night (would have loved too) we have two dogs one of which is 17 yrs old and she needs a little more TLC. I simply could not put her in a kennel for the weekend and our pet sitter no longer is in the business. It's ok; we had a wonderful time and are going to be taking the kiddos back for a weekend with the doggies. :)

The Battery is at the very southern point of Charleston. This area was used as as a defensive point in case Fort Sumter was ever attacked. There are all of these wonderful old trees that cover the area and give you some wonderful shade in the summer.

It was quite toasty in the early morning that even the squirrels were staying in the shade provided by the trees in the park.

The park is contains wonderful statues such as the one below that is dedicated to the Confederate Defenders of Fort Sumter.
Fort Sumter can be seen off in the distance while you stand at the point looking out into Charleston Bay. I saw a baby stingray swimming around and this thrilled me to no end (never seen one in the sea before) but I was not able to get a picture. :(

This placque is attached to a sea wall that wraps around The Battery and is in tribute to those who died in Hurricane Hugo.

Right next to the Hugo Plaque is this one for the USS Pringle that was sunk on 4/16/1944 off of Okinawa, Japan.

Rainbow Row is all that I ever thought it would be, beautiful homes in such wonderful colors.

Rainbow Row

We opted to walk off the main road and were surprised at what we found. Large colonial style homes with cobblestone roads and just the feel of really stepping back in time.
Simply Beautiful.

We went down an alley and found this door, not sure where it went but it was interesting.

This house on one of the back streets has lovely white marble stairs that just impressed me.

The doors to these charming homes captured my interest I could have snapped pictures all day long of them.

Many of the doors had gas lanterns burning which added that much more charm to the doorways.

Time to head to the Isle of Palms for some beach time!

We needed to cross over the Cooper River Bridge (which is so much better than the old one that which you would end up holding your breath over) which is inspiring to say the least!! This bridge is North Americas longest cable stay bridge and yes, you do see people walking on it! There is a bike/walking lane on the side I honestly don't think I could walk over it not me with my fear of bridges. *shudder*

Beautiful sand and colorful houses were a welcomed sight.

I am so looking forward to going back for a weekend and just relaxing in the next few weeks!

Next year I think we are going to rent a place and stay a week, there is so much to do and see and I think we deserve it. :)

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