M & M Pretzel Candy

So, this is the cute box my sample of M&M pretzels arrived in from the giveaway that was being offered on Facebook.
(I know just a little late in getting this posted. Sorry.)

This is the fun bag that was inside the way too cute box that is posted above. :->

Inside the round M&M shaped candy is a bit of pretzel that is coated with the normal hard candy shell and a touch of chocolate.

The first few I had I was not too sure about so I of course had to try a few more and before I knew it the bag was empty.


Yes, in case you have not tired them yet they are good.
The pretzel is not a salty as one would imagine (or at least I would) but it does have a nice crunch when you bite into it.

I shared two with Nate who also said they were quite tasty unfortunately they were gone by time Spencer asked for one. Oops.

I bought a bag in PA when we took the boys back to spend a part of their summer with their grandparents because they were not sold yet here. *sniffle* I am happy to report that they are now being sold here and I am quite a happy camper.

There are mixed reviews out there about them but I say go grab a bag and give them a try.

I think you'll be in for a pleasant surprise.

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