The Philly Cheesesteak Battle...

Pat's Cheesesteak

Four weeks ago we took the long way to head to my in-laws house.

By long I mean we took 95 up to the Poconos a few days before Memorial Day weekend and the NASCAR race in Charlotte.

Not the simple Interstate 85, 77, 78 to Route 33 and Bam! your there.

All I can say was that was one bad migraine and idea.

We will never be doing that ever again.

The only bright spot after spending 12 hrs in the car, missing our exit on the beltway (Interstate 495), toll booths that I never recall being there but were there, two dogs wanting out, a burnt out driver (DH) was our quick jaunt into Philly for cheesesteaks!

We were planning to spend a day in Philly with the boys but since it was late and we were hungry it was a family decision to take the detour forget the day trip and headed straight for the cheesesteaks.

The kiddos love to watch Food Network and have seen Pat's & Geno's on more than once and have requested so many times I forget the count.to. Plus, it probably never helped that we have told them how wonderful they are. ;-)

*waves wand* Poof! request fulfilled in one night. lol...

Spencer was thrilled to see where the Flyers play (and we zipped by while it was the Stanley Cup Playoff time) in the Wells Fargo Center (just renamed from the Wachovia Center).

The rest of the city they were a bit unsure about it was a good learning experience for them. :)

I have always enjoyed Philly and it was neat to be back in the heart of it.

We opted to buy one cheesesteak from each and then split each half in half. We were hungry but not that hungry to each get our steak.

First stop was Pat's; we were able to pull right up out front so Nate and I hopped out, went up to the window and ordered. I thought I was so smooth but it would appear I was at the wrong window. The lovely lady behind the counter said, "Hun, this is the drink window. You need to order over there."

Duh! Humbly I walked to the other window smiled and ordered one Wit (which means with onions) properly.

Then it was off to Geno's, again we were able to pull right up, hop out, order properly (at the correct window) and get on our way.

Nate helping with the order at Geno's.

Autumn doggie watching while we order.

DH did the cutting and we began the chow down in the car - 9PM yeah, we were hungry.

In the end, Spencer, DH and I preferred Pat's and Nate was for camp Geno's.

I used to love Geno's but somewhere along the way my taste buds switched.

What is up with that?!

We were pleased as punch with our dinner and could return back to the road for the final 3 hrs.

This happens to be one of the best detours ever!

--> DH was in charge of some photos for this round. I slipped up and forgot to get a picture of the steak from Geno's. Sorry!!

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