Poor Little Birdie...

This poor little feathered friend fell out of the nest today and ended up hopping into our garage.
Once inside, he/she decided to set up in front of the door into the house and chirp.
It would just look at the door and chirp, chirp, and chirp.
I could hear this feathered friend but had to do some investigating on where it was.
It was quite apparent that they did not know how to fly just yet. :-(
Dh went out and had it hop outside to the driveway where it went into the backyard for a bit.
Nate was concerned that no crows or other animals were after it (he's a good kid) and then we noticed that our friend was hopping around with momma bird (I like to think that it was momma bird).
Glad we had a happy ending to an interesting situation.

BTW- Dh looked at me when the bird was chirping so much and said, "In a ways it's like Are You My Mother (by P.D. Eastman).

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