The kitchen is finally done!

Finally, the kitchen is done!

I am a bit ashamed that it took me a little over a year to get it done but I will say that it was totally worth the wait.

I had to use liquid sand on the molding on the bottom of the cabinets and top around the ceiling.
Not fun, I just simply kept putting it off until I just had to get it done.

The difference in the kitchen is like night and day.

If you want to see a before picture you can look here.

I have to admit that I simply love it!

(oh, that orange thing in the background is Spencer, he was cleaning the floor for me.)

Anonymous said...

The kitchen is SO different- and worth every minute of hard work that you put into it! It's so nice, in fact, that if you feel like doing another one, I have one available for you. [Yours makes me WANT to cook!]

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