Family Soccer Night...

Last night was the last soccer practice for the season in some ways it is hard to believe that it is over already.
The parents challenged the team to a 35 minute game and it was quite enjoyable.
The kids were taunting the parents and the parents were giving it their all.
We (parents) were in age from the mid 30's - one grandparent who was 66!
Our goalie (dh) had to do a goal kick which ended up hitting Nate (subbing in for me) right
in the abs.
The parents were hustling around making their children really work hard.
hehe.. we were not going down without a fight.
Coach scored first.
Then we had our next score by the grandparent, we were on a roll!
The tide then turned in favor of our children, two goals back to back.
We were not done yet, and the parents ended up scoring the game winning goal.
Parents still have it.
Now today it is another story due to many of the parents being stiff and sore.
I think that they would do it all over again, it was a good time.

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