Family Frisbee Fun

Last weekend we had a family member visit for a few days (it was great!).
The boys were beyond thrilled, they adore their Uncle E.
Nate likes to call him, "The Cool Dude."
We decided to take Uncle E to our city and show him around a bit.

There are many wonderful green open areas around the downtown waterfall for families to picnic, play frisbee, read a book or simply enjoy the sun.
He (Uncle E) wanted to get a frisbee to since it was such a beautiful day.
We wandered down the street to check out a few stores to find one, the toy store was the lucky place.
He purchased a Aerobie Superdisc Frisbee, what a great item!

The edges are soft (so much easier to catch), you can really make it go far and best of all it is super easy to throw.
We had a great time playing in the park and it has continued at home in our backyard.
(Uncle E left the frisbee with us.)

Spencer has really improved his throwing ability with this frisbee and I have to say that it is fun to just go out and toss it around after dinner.
Check out Aerobie Superdisc for some summer family fun!

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