Ah..mosquitoes and horseflies and itching...

This past weekend it would appear that I was the local blood bank for the mosquitoes and horseflies outside.
I have issues with these pesky insects.
They absolutely love me.
This past weekend I forgot to douse myself in bug spray and I ended up with 30 bites on my legs/feet.
They are swollen, super itchy and my legs look like they have a disease.
I have tried everything out there to stop the itch and nothing is working.

Cortaid - nope
wet aspirin - nope
vinegar - nope
Calamine Lotion - nope
Aveeno - only for about 30 minutes
Epson Salt - not much
tape - nope
paste of baking soda - nope
rubbing alcohol - nope
tea bags - nope
Caladryl - nope
Benadryl - er, about one hour (both topical & medicine)

I am trying to hang tough but I am not sure how much longer I can hold out.
As long as I can remember, any mosquito bite I would receive would swell up and itch quite fiercely ( my dad is the same way).
So, here I sit, waiting for these buggers to go down and stop itching.
Please, if you have any ideas for me to try and stop the itch I am more than willing to give them a try.

Linda said...

I'm the same-bugs adore me. I think the only thing that would help would be cortisone taken orally but I'm sure it is safer just waiting it out. We have these big flies that bite and there is an itchy bump for a couple of weeks. Not fun.

Jim Hazel said...

Solarcaine ...

Sandy said...

Will have to look into the Solarcaine trial.

Anonymous said...

Either a tube of liquid 'AfterBite'[it's basically ammonia & works FAB] or some 1% hydrocortisone cream- both available at your regular old drugstore.

I'm sorry! [Scratching in sympathy!]

Sandy said...

Nope, AfterBite does not work for me (even as a kid) and that hydrocortisone cream is about an hour tops.
Thanks though. ;-)

I can say that the Solarcaine does work and keeps working for a few hours. Ah, a bit of relief.

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