Me... Problem?!

I always thought I may have a tiny bit of a problem with crafts but now it would appear it is true.

You see I looked at this list (see below) and *shuffles foot* I could mark off eight of them.

Ah well, I guess it could be worse.

Now, I need to quietly put those new fragrance oils away before they are found.


10. Your interests range from jewelry making to knitting to painting and you love them all equally.

9. When you refer to your craft room, you're talking about the dining room, hallway closet, living room, under your bed, the boxes in the guest bedroom, and the bookshelf in the den.

8. You have three different projects currently going and two projects that you're saving for later in your craft bin.

7. You can't stop thinking up new crafty ideas. You even dream about them. Your husband says you call out "Michael's" in your sleep.

6. You save the scraps from every project, because you never know if you'll need that one inch scrap of lace for something else. When you save that scrap, you start thinking up another idea almost immediately and can't wait to try it.

5. There are piles of magazines in your house from ten years ago that you've saved and plan to one day use to decoupage gifts.

4. You hide craft supply purchases from your significant other.

3. Your family rolls their eyes when you start yet another project, but they love you anyway.

2. Your car could drive to every craft store in town on auto-pilot.

and the number one sign that you may have Craft ADD:

1. You know the names, birthdays and family histories of all of the employees at Michael's, Jo-Ann's, A.C. Moore, and Hobby Lobby.

Thanks to the list posted here.

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