Sheldon Church...

Sheldon Church outside Beaufort, SC is just a shell but is stunning.
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We were able to visit this beautiful historical church when we took a vacation in November to the Lowcountry.
It was a quick side trip on our way back and I am so thrilled that we were able to stop.

The road that lead us to the church was like stepping back in time.
Large beautiful trees that were dripping with Spanish Moss - the picture does not do it justice.

This is is right outside the church property.
As you can see it was burnt during the Revolutionary War and then again when Sherman's troops marched through during the Civil War.

The sight that greets you as you walk up a few small steps and enter the church grounds.

Looking up at the front of the church and one of the plaques that graces the wall.

Looking back down the path that leads to the road from the church.

The backside of the church.

In the back there are a few crypts and gravestones. It was very sad to see that at some point some of the crypts had been cracked opened and some of the tombstones toppled over.

If you look close you can see that two branches grew together and connected to a tree that was growing next to it. DH pointed that out and it was really cool!

You can see the stone and shells used to build the church. Amazing!

The peacefulness that surrounds you as you walk the grounds is amazing.
This is one site that I am so glad to have discovered and visited.

More information about the church - click me

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