A preview to behind the wheel....

We took in a car show two weeks ago that was in town.

This is a big deal because DH is not into cars at all.

Me...well, let's just say he calls me his gear head.

I love cars.

Guess I can thank my brother for this "skill."

He would always leave his car magazines around the house growing up, draw all types of sports cars, and talk Formula 1 with his best friend.
I just sucked it all in and filed it away for a rainy day. :>

The boys have slowly begun to get an interest in cars.
We do watch Top Gear on BBC America (not the US version *shudder*) to help hone their car skills.
I love Jeremy, James & Richard.
I am known to give them an identification quiz as we are zipping down the road.

Nate was ready to hop behind the wheel and see what it felt like.

You could say a preview to behind the wheel and what we are in for.

I was not ready for this to say the least.

In just six short months when he reaches the magical age of 15 - he will be able to get his learners permit.


He loves the Yaris (first picture) because this is the car he drives in one of this Xbox games.

The second car was a Scion and he was pretty impressed at how roomy it way.

Wish us luck once he starts driving because I think we just might be in trouble.

On a side note...

I was falling in love with this original Morris Mini.

Since I can remember I have ALWAYS wanted one.

Navy Blue with the Union Jack on the roof.

A girl can dream...one day..

Kris said...

Hi Sandy,
Thanks for your comment on my blog.
Looks like a really fun car show. I love those old Minis. I'm so pleased to read that you like to watch Top Gear too. One of our favorite shows in my house too.

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