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Changes Ahead...

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8:09 PM

Just what the sign states...

Changes Ahead...

Out with the old and in with the new.

More posts because I want to and like blogging. I lost the mojo last year somewhere along the way.

Replying to more posts of those blogs I really enjoy reading. (You have been warned.)

Getting my blog roll just right with those that I do read daily - long list but will see how many I post up. :)

Not being so quiet all of the time as I tend to be. Yeah, really.

One of the first steps in all this change was becoming the VP of our Booster Club for our ECHL Hockey Team. Not something I would normally get up and do but it was something that I really believed in when we finally landed another team after five years.

So, change is good and I am looking forward to taking on this year!

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