Hunting Island, South Carolina...

Another place we visited on our break from society back in November was Hunting Island, S.C. The island is a barrier island off of the coast and has remained quite untouched.

The island holds the only lighthouse in the state that one can climb up, a beautiful beach to find shells and some amazing scenery.

DH and I love lighthouses so this was a trip that had to be made.

On a clear day you can see for miles - that is Edisto Island way off in the distance.

While you are driving into the park and then walking around it is really like time stood still. The Spanish Moss that is dripping from the trees and all of the trees is just breath taking.

As a lighthouse keeper one would have to make sure the light stayed on no matter what.
Below is bucket like the keeper would use to carry up the stairs (167 of them) to the top.
Can you imagine how heavy it would be by time you did reach the top?

The top was quite striking against the Carolina blue sky.

In one of the base buildings there are photos of what it looks like from the top.

DH and the boys were the brave ones to climb all the way to the top.
I do not handle cramped stairs due to a bad experience climbing in a lighthouse once.
I wandered the grounds below and watched a wedding party gather on the beach.

Nate taking in the wondrous sights from the top.

The original house is now gone due to a fire but what remains are markings where the pillars once stood.
This sign and another show one what the house looked like from the inside and out.

Bricks have been placed where the house once stood so one can "see" where it once stood.

There are some small old buildings right where the house once stood and these are original.

There were about four schools of dolphins swimming all around that day.
This was the best shot I was able to get of them. :-/
Truly amazing when you can see them in the wild.

Click here and here for more information about Hunting Island.

Unknown said...

I love lighthouses, they just have such spectacular locations and views. And that Spanish Moss is just quintessentially southern to me.

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