Simple solution for laundry....

I have to admit that I really like to do laundry but I do not like to put laundry away.

When the boys were small I would always put their items away, no big deal.

I longed for the day when the boys would be old enough to put their own away.

Then as they grew up I asked them to put their socks, underwear, shirts away. (at appropriate ages)
There was an issue of getting their pants on the hangers without looking like they were mangled, I kept that job.

I trusted them to put their shirts on hangers, socks in drawers and underwear neatly away.

Uh... yeah...

That was until I kept finding shirts tossed on the floor, socks tossed all about and underwear balled up in Nate's room. Let's just say it was not a pretty talk.

I knew I needed to come up with a new plan that would work.

I asked for all hangers as I did the laundry and placed their items on hangers as needed.

They simply have to hang it up in their closet and you know it is working!

No more grumbling.

No more crumpled and wrinkled clothes!

Such a simple solution for doing my kids laundry and I am one happy camper again. :)

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