Cross Stitch....

One of my many hobbies is cross stitching.

Growing up my mom introduced me to stamped cross stitch when I was about 8 yrs old and eventually I went on to really enjoy counted cross stitch.

I was always working on a project of some sort or other. I always made sure to that I made a different wedding sampler for those weddings we attended, along with another present to the happy couple. I dunno, I just fell that there is something special about receiving one.

Once I had the boys my time to stitch was cut down to near nothing. I probably could have worked on something but by time they were asleep I was toast and then I sort of lost interest.

The work above I made for Spencer's 2nd grade teacher, she was beyond wonderful to him. I wanted her to have something special so I began again doing some cross stitch. She was thrilled with the gift and also mentioned that she enjoys stitching when she has the time. :D

Well, after I completed that one I broke out a beautiful lighthouse set that I had stashed away.
I hate to tell you just how many I have stashed. *blush*

I was on a roll then I dunno what happened, I just pushed it aside.

The time has come that after two years of sitting on the shelf to break it out and complete the silly thing.
I figure if I work a little bit every day I should have it done just in enough time for Christmas.
Unless I were to find a whole lot of extra time on my side to work on it, we shall see.

Wish me luck!

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