Beautiful Snow....

This was what we woke up to this morning.
Beautiful Snow.

One thing about living in the south is that the back roads really do not get treated so you wait until the sun melts the snow (or ice) away.

I was first up, took the dogs out and just enjoyed the wonderful silence that surrounded me.

After we breakfast, DH, Spencer and I went out for a walk in our neighborhood.
There was no way I could resist snapping pictures along the way.

Teddy was running around the yard wanting to be inside where it was nice and warm.

Tire tracks frozen from the previous night.

Just goes on and on.

Heading out of our development was not going to be easy until it all melted.

Yes, the mail was delivered today.

The hill leading to our house - the picture does not do it justice.

This cute snowman was created by our neighbors.

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