It's time....

I have finally had enough of my hair that is.

You see I have not had it cut since Mid-November which for some would not be a big deal but I do have short hair.

Not super short hair but a short style.

I was due for a cut in Dec. but I had to cancel due to a horrific migraine and then she was booked.

Plus, my last cut grew out in two weeks, my light purple tint washed out in no time (only looked a bit purple when the sun hit it and then it left you guessing) and I had what we call a mushroom top. One side was so puffy.

I HATE mushroom top.

The last straw was being told how I love to have volume in my hair.

Uh... your kidding right?!

Nope, she was serious.

After cutting my hair for two years you would think she would know that I already have enough volume would much rather my hair a bit straight.

So, my hair has been growing out (if you know me in IRL and have not seen a picture in a bit, my hair is down to the bottom of my ears. I know right, me!) and I can't take it any longer.

I have to make a decision on where to go to a new salon.

I'm not good with decisions and I am a bit picky when it comes to who does my hair, too many bad cuts living down here.

My hair is thick (lots of it) and many either chop it to bits or complain that it takes to long.


I have to make that call otherwise I'm not sure how long I will last before I take matters into my own hands.

New style & new color coming up. :D

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