Golf Carts....

Alright, you normally see golf carts on golf courses, right?!

Well, if you live here is SC it is not uncommon to see one on the road.

Yep, for real.

The first time I saw one (5 yrs ago), I was waiting in line to pick up Spencer from K5 (AKA Kindergarten).

I noticed two golf carts in line waiting with the rest of us.

Huh?! How can that be?

I inquired to DH; he just laughed and said, "No way."

Uh. Yeah. Really.

Too weird.

In our neighborhood it is not uncommon to see kids (age 10, 13 or 16) zipping around on a golf cart.

So today I was checking out our local news online and there I spotted it....

New Law would Allow Golf Carts on Highways

(small print is that you would be able to drive on secondary roads within 5 mi of their homes, drive only in daylight, pay $5 for a permit, and must have drivers license & insurance.)

You have got to be kidding me.

Does any other state allow this?

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