Time to look ahead....

A quick look back at 2009-

I am thrilled that all my father's surgeries went well this year (bypass,heart valve,and later a pace maker) and that he is doing great!

My children are finally happy with school (as much as one can be) and are enjoying their online learning.

We still have Autumn doggie with us, you see she is 17 yrs old. She is deaf and has very poor eye sight but keeps on amazing us. :)

I have slowly begun to put myself first. eep.. not easy to do but I need to slowly learn and take time for me. Some weeks are better than others but small steps right?!

Was introduced to Thai food and absolutely love it!

I look forward to seeing what is ahead for myself, my children and my DH next year.

(Missing Sashafoo who we lost late this year.-above photo)

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