Sherlock Holmes - Movie Review...

I have been waiting so long to go and see Sherlock Holmes.
We tried yesterday by stopping for a few wings and nachos before the movie.
Then we were off to the theater but the line was out the movie theater.


No way was I going to wait and see if we could get in so we opted to go today.
One of our gifts this year was movie tickets (thanks Omi & Opa) which worked out perfect.

Four words for you...


Excellent acting by Robert Downey Jr. (on of my fav actors as you know) and Jude Law, they both portrayed their characters very well

This is not filmed as you would expect a traditional Sherlock Holmes movie but then again this is not your normal movie for Sherlock Holmes.

The angles of the camera keep you interested and present you with different ways to look at the characters.


Sure hope that there is a follow up to this one, it does seem that there could be.

*crosses fingers*

I would not recommend this movie for children under 10.

Oh! the music is also quite catchy. ;-)

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