Christmas Songs....

I am sure that we can all sing a Christmas carol or two or hum a few lines.

Now, in the category of Christmas songs that might be a little different.

12 Pains of Christmas

This is one song that the boys are enjoying this year.

I can recall hearing it way back when but never thought much about it since then.

That was until last year going to PA for Christmas.

We were all in stitches laughing and it brought a flood of memories of my dad arguing with the lights.

Our lights never seemed to work from year to year and my dad had a HUGE margarine container full of replacement bulbs for the just in case moment. Yeah, there was always that moment once the lights were half way up or finally put up that we had to find the right bulb to make the string work.
Ah, the words we heard during that time.

The boys had me search for a good rendition of the song and I have to say the one below is just how I imagine it.

Enjoy the 12 Pains of Christmas....

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