Oh, so simple Christmas Tree....

Alright, I grew up with always having a natural tree for Christmas.
I can recall going out in the deep snow, chilling wind blowing, freezing my butt off begging for my parents to hurry up.
Yes, there is nothing like having a real tree and the great aroma of pine through the house.

Yet, living in the South and getting your holiday Christmas tree is just not the same.
Yeah, we have a few local areas to find a tree (cut your own) or we could drive to NC to cut one down.
We also have the local lots where you can pick a tree out, only issue with that is not knowing how long ago it was cut down.
I mean, you don't want to get a tree that was cut down at the end of November, with no water for a week to two because the needles will be all over the place.
Ask me how I know.
So, for the past ten years we have had a fake tree.
The first three years here were with a real tree and not the best tree memories.
Anywho, it was time to replace our old tree so today we opted to by a prelit tree.
Spencer and I had that tree up in less than five minutes.
Take out of box, insert parts 2 and 3, undo sting, fold down branches and plug in cords.
That is all it took.
No fuss, no muss, and best of all no messing with stringing the lights.
The whole process was oh, so simple.
THANK YOU to the person who invented this type of tree.
Now to go and get the rest of the house decorated.

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