Snow Fun....

Some hearts were set upon perhaps having a bit of snow late last week with the storm that headed up the coast; unfortunately we did not have any.

The boys were totally disappointed that we did not have white stuff and that their grandparents (who live in PA) were covered with it.
What to do?!
Take them to the snow!

Yes, you read that right.
We drove to the snow.
We left the house for a quick 40 minute drive (leaving our 48 degree weather) and headed to the mountains of NC for a few hours of fun.

Our outing took us to Hendersonville, NC (one of our favorite places) where we were greeted with snow.

It was cold (33 degrees) and snowy!
As soon as the boys were sprung from the mom mobile they instantly headed for the snow to make....
Off we went strolling around the town, stopping in some stores along the way but most importantly enjoying the snow.

Now the boys are asking when we are going back. lol...

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