Special Treat for Me....

I bet you were thinking it was something rich, thick and full of chocolate.



Though now that I think about it, that does sound quite yummy.

The earrings above were special treat to me.

If you are looking for some lovely jewelry or need a special gift for that special someone I highly recommend Ice.com.

I do online surveys on the side, I cashed in some of the money I earned and decided to treat myself to a little something special.

Ice.com has always caught my eye with their selection and prices.


I found the perfect pair of earrings and waited anxiously for them to arrive.

When they arrived I ripped opened the box, slid out the blue box and popped it open.


The earrings were full of sparkle, stunning light blue aquamarines and shiny silver dazzled my eyes.

These earrings are everything I was hoping for and more.

They came with a certificate of authenticity; I guess I missed that in the description.

I am absolutely thrilled with my purchase, so happy to have finally tried this website.

If you give them a try, I hope you are as happy with your jewelry as I am with mine.

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