Vacuum vs. Squeaky Toy....

This past weekend I found a cute little holiday squeaky toy for Teddy, he needs a new toy every now and then.

He was thrilled with his new little toy.

He was took it outside, slept with it and of course played with it.

On Sunday he bounded outside minus his toy so I quickly brought out the vacuum to clean.

I was zipping around the floor, noticed his toy but was *cough*too lazy*cough* to push it out of the way. (I think you now know where this is heading.)

Really, I was aiming to just simply tap the side of the squeaky with the vacuum and the next thing I knew it was sucked up and into the bag.


I hoped he would not nice, silly me.

He noticed right away and then proceeded to give me the sad puppy dog eyes for hours.

Darn those eyes.

Above is his new toy and he now has a special hiding spot for it, can't blame him.

Vacuum 1 Squeaky Toy 0

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