Gazelle.com ... Review

Two Thumbs Up!!

Dh and I were left with two phones when we made the switch to our Iphones and I wanted to make sure that we recycled them in some fashion.

I researched and found Gazelle.com.

They take your old electronics and pay you for them.
We had two phones sitting around after we switched to our IPhones.
I wanted to make sure that we recycled them in some fashion so I went online looking for ways to do so.
I stumbled upon Gazelle.com and decided to give them a try.
They pay you for recycling your electronic items with them.
Sounded like a great idea to me. :D

The whole process is super easy.

Select what you are interested in selling, view the price, accept price, add any other items in and then select method of payment.
We opted for an Amazon Gift Certificate that will be used to purchase Christmas presents. :)
A box can be shipped to you or you use your own to mail in your items.
You are kept informed during the whole process, which I have to say is outstanding.
I received an email when the package arrived, when they were reviewing our phones, when the phones were accepted and when I could expect payment.
It doesn't get much better than that.

I used our own box, printed out the shipping label and mailed the items out.
The whole process took about two weeks from the point I mailed the phones to when I received notification of payment.


So, if you have any electronic items in your place collecting dust you just might want to check out Gazelle.com.

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