We stumbled across this when we were driving down to Appomattox, VA.

I just had to stop and see it.

(That is put in a request to go back and see it since we zipped by pretty quickly.)

We went back on Sunday when we were leaving so I could snap a picture and say, "I was there."

Yes, it really is made out of foam and it is exactly like the real Stonehenge.

Pretty cool.

I was not too sure however that we were going to make it out of the pull off due to the mud and a Gigantic pothole.

Holy cow, I thought we lost the whole front end of the when DH hit it.

It was great fun, now we just need to see the real thing one day!

Psst..it's free too! :D

Linda said...

I saw the real thing a few years ago and it's awesome, however surrounding by a chain link fence to keep out grafitti artists and others.

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