Who is Alice?

You might have been a tiny bit curious about my post about Alice on Tuesday.
I bet you were thinking about who or what Alice is and why would I have a box from them, right?
Well, Alice is a great shopping website for daily household items with free shipping.
The site saves you energy, time and money.
Don't forget the free shipping.

I placed my order last Wednesday (9/30) and it arrived safe and sound yesterday (Tuesday 10/6). Great turn around time, I could not have asked for anything better.

The site offers various household items (cleaning supplies, paper products, medicines, air fresheners, beauty items) some products even have a money saving coupon that you can use on your purchase. You can keep track of the items you have purchased, have a reminder sent to you when it is time to reorder, see how much you have spent per month, and money saved with coupons. All of these items are great in helping you keep on top of that monthly budget and saving money. You will also see products rated and reviews from other buyers, always helpful if you are undecided.

I will be using this site to help keeping some items in stock at the house. I will admit to using coupons all the time when I shop, and know my prices and ranges. There are some great deals on the site and don't forget your time is worth a lot. Take the extra time you will have to spend reading a book, with your family or special someone, or simply take a break from it all.

I'm sure you will like her so go on and give Alice.com a try!
You can receive a $10 off Sign Up Bonus by clicking on the banner on my side bar. --->

psst... your items are shipped in a really cool box! (It's the little things that make me smile.)
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