My New Best Friend..Bert's Bees Acne Solutions Spot Treatment...

This product is wonderful!
Lately I have been having issues with food allergies and this equals to my face breaking out.
(Yes, it really is due to food allergies. My food list is starting to dwindle down of what I can eat.)
I know not pretty at all.
Heck, I never broke out this bad as a teen.
Anywho, I normally used a tiny bit of Tea Tree Oil (this stuff is also really good) but it seems to have lost the zip for me on my face. :(
Not sure what to try next, I went out shopping where I stumbled upon this Bert's Bees Acne Solutions Targeted Spot Treatment.
In the basket went the little box of acne treatment to give it a whirl.
I applied a little drop to my irritated nose, noticed a really nice natural fragrance and it absorbed quickly into my skin.
I have to say that I applied it two more times (a tiny bit impatient) and by the end of the night my nose was looking good!
The next morning I am quite happy to report it was clearing up very nicely.
This product full of wonderful natural oils that help heal your irritated skin.
I know one item I will not be without in my bathroom drawer.

Check out Bert's Bees Acne Solutions Targeted Spot Treatment on the Bert's Bees website.

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