What a vacuum!

Our old vacuum had suffered a 2 cord replacements, a broken handle latch (metal, mind you) being banged into walls at full speed by the kiddos, a broken belt or two and a few mishaps with screws.
She was done, no longer were our carpets coming clean and well, the old cloth bag was no longer fresh and clean like a daisy.
Leaves were beginning to pile up in the house with two dogs, the boys and whatever else decided to wander in from outside.
It was not a pretty site to say the least.
After two long weeks of trying to figure out which one to buy we went out and purchased this Eureka Pet Lover vac.
This bad boy sucks up so much stuff, it's quiet and best of all has all those fun attachments to use. (the old one did not)
Heck, the first day Spencer asked to vacuum his room and the hallway.
Nate decided later that afternoon to clean out the sofas.
*blink* * blink* *blink*
What has happened to my children?
Any other time they groaned and moaned about have to clean the house and here they are asking to do it.
Yes, I can say they still want to help out and I am crossing my fingers that this will continue for quite some time.
I *wub* my new vac. : )

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