You can find even simple items very interesting all you need to do is slow down and take a look around you.
Our lives can zip past us before we know it; we are rushing here and there to make sure we get everything done.

Every so often we need to be reminded to stop, slow down and enjoy the little things all around us.
I noticed how lovely these lights were this summer-it only took me nineteen years!
Every day I passed these lights without really stopping and looking at them.
It took taking a trip showing my children the sites of Penn State University- University Park to stop and see what was around me.
I am a true type A always going, going, going and thinking about what is next ahead of me.
I'm trying to stop a bit more and take the time to enjoy/notice the small things all around.
You never know where you might find beauty, so next time you are out, stop and take in what is all around you.
You just might be surprised at what you can find.

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