A perfect day...

We were in need of apples again, so we were off to Sky Top Orchard.
I have to say that it was a perfect fall day.
The morning was cool and crisp and the day was filled with bright sunshine and warm temps.
The orchard was packed with families enjoying the weather and getting some yummy apple.
I have to say that in all the years we have been going there (11 yrs) this was by far the busiest day ever!
We were not ready to leave just yet, off we went back into Hendersonville, NC to check out The Curb Market and get in some more walking. I picked up two drawings for my dad that I will be using to create a Christmas gift. :)
Finally, we were all getting a bit rumbly in our tummies which meant that it was time to get some lunch.
Mexican was the dish that we were all looking forward to enjoying.
We stopped in and tried El Paso (right outside of down town-the one on Greenville Hwy) restaurant. The place has always been busy when we pass it and has been on our list of restaurants to try. The food was excellent! The atmosphere was fun, service was fast/friendly, and the food was hot (temperature).
DH and I shared chicken and beef fajitas that were so very tender.
Guacamole = *swoon*
This was one great lunch and restaurant that I know we will visit again when we are in the area.
If you are ever in the area, give them a try!

We pass the Wrinkled Egg every time we head back home and I finally remembered to snap a picture. I have never been inside but have always found it intriguing and fun one day I will get DH to stop so I can check it out.

I must admit that all pictures were taken with my iPhone using some fun camera apps. The last picture was taken with a fun app that allows you to switch photo modes this picture was taken in Helga mode.
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