Mtn. Dew Horde Game Fuel - Review

I thought I would share my review of this soda (gaming fuel) and ask my son Nate (a WoW player) to add in his two cents.

Just a tiny bit of background for WoW. Dh has been playing this since it was first released. Nate joined in last year and now he is hooked. Guess the saying fits here... Like Father Like Son.
Me, I am not into video games very much.
I will play an occasional Wii game but that is as far as it goes.

So, what does the soda taste like?
I would have to say that it is quite interesting.
It is not very fizzy and I really did not taste a flavor until I swallowed the first drink.
The main flavor that I recognized was that of citrus (orange?tangerine?lemon?) with a hint of cherry, not bad.
I have to admit that the drink goes down super easy; then again I drank it at room temp.
This drink packs a punch, a punch due to the amount of caffeine in it.
I stay away from caffeine as much as I can so when I had this at 7 pm, I was still wide awake by midnight.
I guess I could see where it would help a gamer stay awake and on top of everything.

Hey, this is me Nate. My mom asked if I could write a little bit about this new soda seeing that I am a WarCraft player. First off, the soda is better semi-cold, because if it's too warm it's too sweet and if it's too cold then it has no flavor. When you first taste it, you experience both cherry and citrus flavor at the same time, and when you swallow it, it leaves behind a hint of cherry flavor. I'd give this soda a "B+" mainly because it's Horde. I will be back to review the Alliance soda tomorrow. (For the Alliance!)

There you go two different view points of the Horde Red Mtn. Dew

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