Snickers Transformers Bar - Review

Noticed this candy a few weeks ago while I was picking up a few items at our local Dollar Tree and I simply could not refuse to getting it.
I've had it for a bit of time but have resisted eating it (sad, I know) that was until this week and I was a bit stressed over various items.

stress + chocolate = bliss

It was the perfect time to enjoy this stashed candy bar.

The bar is released in advance of the Transformer 2 movie that will be opening in just a few short weeks.
Click here to read about it.
The candy bar is very much like a regular Snickers bar the two main differences you will notice are the yellow nougat and a slightly darker caramel otherwise it is the same as a regular Snickers bar.

Linda said...

I love the Snickers ice cream bars. My, those are good.

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